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Experience Design and Development, Where Digital Intersects Physical

About Emerald Seven

Emerald Seven is a boutique, integrative design & development studio based in Seattle. We are an agile team that embraces uncertainty, quickly adapting to new circumstances. We leverage design thinking to solve complex problems, and we have a fun time doing it!

We’re a highly collaborative crew that learns out in the open. We never take a project at face value. Considering your design challenge in terms of the whole, we strive to create elegant and thoughtful solutions, whether they be digital, physical, or a hybrid of the two.

Our Integrative Design Process

Rather than using a “waterfall” process, we use an integrative design process to consider your design challenge in terms of the whole. We iterate through cycles to reach thoughtful solutions, whether digital, physical, or a hybrid of both. Ask us how an integrative approach can help your project!


After many years of working together, creative duo Blake Scott & Rachel Simrell Scott love delving deep into the work at Emerald Seven. We love what we do, and we hope that you’ll enjoy working with us!

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Our Design, Development, and Content Services

Our agile creative studio based in Seattle offers services in interdisciplinary design, modern web development, and custom-crafted content. We love to work in both digital and physical media, and can help you strategize how to best leverage your web presence and print collateral to meet your needs.

Our Integrated Portfolio of Work

Check out the glamour shots of our work, explore a little about how these projects came to be, and learn about how their design and development characteristics support their success. If you ever have any questions about a project and whether or not an aspect of it could suit your needs, don’t hesitate to ask.

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