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Dual Silver W3 Awards 2018 for the Board & Vellum Website
Dual Silver Silver W3 Awards

Dual Silver W3 Awards for Board & Vellum’s New Website

We are thrilled to announce that the Board & Vellum Website is the winner of dual silver W3 Awards!

Gold & Silver W3 Awards 2017 for Kalon Surf Website – Emerald Seven
One Gold and One Silver W3 Award

Gold & Silver W3 Awards for the Kalon Surf Website

We are thrilled to announce that the Kalon Surf Website is the winner of two W3 Awards: one gold and one silver.

REX Award for 92nd Street Remodel & Addition – Emerald Seven
A REX Award for the 92nd Street Remodel & Addition

The local Master Builders Association awarded this project with a 2015 REX Award for Remodeling Excellence.

Remodeling Excellence for Whole House Remodel!

REX Award for 92nd Street Remodel & Addition

Our 92nd Street Remodel & Addition won a 2015 REX Award for Rebuild Excellence, in collaboration with Chermak Construction!

Marley Natural Website & Social Campaign Wins ADDYs: Two Silver ADDYs Won at Seattle's 2015 ADDYs, Glamour Shot 2 - Cropped for Featured Image - Design Blog
Two Seattle ADDYs, Plus One at Regionals!

Two Silver ADDYs for Marley Natural at the Local Level & One Advance to Regionals

Celebrating the ADDYs wins for the design & development of the Marley Natural website and social media campaign for the international brand launch.

Nike Reuse-A-Shoe Shoe Collection Drive at the University of Oregon Surpasses First Goal – Emerald Seven
Over 3,000 Shoes Collected for Nike Reuse-A-Shoe

The “A Step in the Right Direction” team blew past their goal of collecting 2,012 shoes, easily passing 3,000 shoes during their first season of the shoe drive.

Now Headed to the US Olympic Trials 2012 for Track and Field!

The ShoeBox Races Past Shoe Collection Goal for Nike Reuse-A-Shoe

The shoe recycling campaign benefiting Nike Reuse-A-Shoe is an ongoing success, with over 3,000 shoes collected in the inaugural collection period!

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