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Fast, Visually Immersive, Intuitive Experiences

Tailored Full Stack Web Development

Tired of your difficult-to-manage, visually-dated digital experience? We’re here to help. Our team delights in building modular, responsive websites and web applications that take full advantage of all the modern web has to offer.

Our component-based approach not only creates great user experiences, but also builds interfaces that are simple for you to manage. Emerald Seven sites and apps grow with you, easily adapting as you or your company evolve.

Modern Web Development at Emerald Seven
Modern Web Development at Emerald Seven

Digital Experiences

We build modern, high-performance websites and web applications.

Our award-winning design & development team is unique in that we not only can geek out over the technical specs, but we can also hold our own with a room full of designers.

We care deeply about quality. And, that means quality of technology and quality of design. It matters to us that our products last: if you are investing in a new website, it should be a product that grows with you.

Unlike most development teams, we design and develop in-browser, using an integrative design process. That means, that rather than development only beginning when design is complete, design & development happen in unison, informing each other as the project evolves. This not only increases efficiency and creates a deeply designed and functional solution, but it also reveals opportunities to craft the unique moments that make your users smile.

Board & Vellum Website: Your Advocate for Great Design, Large or Small
Board & Vellum Website – Emerald Seven
Responsive Web Design & Development

Board & Vellum Website: Your Advocate for Great Design

Kalon Surf Website – Responsive Web Design & Development in Mockup – Emerald Seven
Kalon Surf Website – Responsive Web Design & Development – Emerald Seven
Progressive Web Application Design & Development

Kalon Surf Website: The Luxury Surf Coaching Resort in Costa Rica

A Color Adaptive Website for an Artist Version 2.0 – Emerald Seven
A Color Adaptive Website for an Artist Version 2.0 – Emerald Seven
Responsive Web Design & Development

A Color-Adaptive Portfolio Website for an Artist 2.0

We understand that sometimes developers speak in languages foreign to the rest of us, and that can be intimidating and frustrating. If you want us to, we can get into the thick of it and talk technical details. But, also know that we have years of experience working with clients who are new — or wary — of technology. We endeavor to be clear and communicative, and we hope that you will always feel free to ask us questions without hesitation!

Easy-To-Manage Sites

We want you to feel like managing your site is not a burden.

We love all the awesomeness you can achieve on the front-end these days, but we never consider development solely in terms of your end users — you and your team are an important user base, as well!

With that in mind, we craft back-end content management interfaces or systems that are intuitive to use, so you don’t feel like it’s a pain every time you want to update your site. Each project requires its own custom solution — early on in any collaboration, we identify the right fit for your needs, budget, and timeline. Regardless of your project’s particulars, we’ll focus on creating simple and intuitive systems for you to efficiently and effectively manage your content.

Design Automation

We build automated systems that create and preserve a high level of design.

Over the years, we have worked with numerous architects, artists, and designers to create custom digital experiences to celebrate their work. Through these collaborations, we have cultivated particular expertise developing color-adaptive interfaces, automated typography plugins, high-resolution image delivery strategies, and component-based page-building systems.

Our expertise working thoughtfully with color, typography, immersive visuals, and modular compositions has led to a unique suite of web development tools from which your project will undoubtedly benefit.

Having been through architecture school, we completely understand if you are really particular about your content! Let us help you ensure that your work looks as awesome on the web as it does when it leaves your desk.

Intrigued? Awesome!

How about learning about our integrative design process, or checking out our portfolio?

Our Integrative Design Process

Rather than using a “waterfall” process, we use an integrative design process to consider your design challenge in terms of the whole. We iterate through cycles to reach thoughtful solutions, whether digital, physical, or a hybrid of both. Ask us how an integrative approach can help your project!

Our Integrated Portfolio of Work

Check out the glamour shots of our work, explore a little about how these projects came to be, and learn about how their design and development characteristics support their success. If you ever have any questions about a project and whether or not an aspect of it could suit your needs, don’t hesitate to ask.

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