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Custom Crafted Content Services

The voice you use to communicate, and the visual content you present, are inseparable components of your content marketing strategy. Our work aims to reveal your authentic brand personality directly to your audience.

Whether it’s through the written word, through visual storytelling, or through the combined forces of both, we craft tailored content to help you get your message seen and heard through all the noise.

Custom Crafted Content, by Emerald Seven
Custom Crafted Content, by Emerald Seven

Content Strategy

We collaborate with you to design not only your content, but your content strategy so you can get the most out of your efforts.

Just getting content out there is a great first step. But, producing great content — that your audience really cares about, that will actually help build your brand — is another thing altogether. Not only do you need to figure out what that content is, but you need to have a game plan for how to roll it out so you can maximize the return on investment (and the heart & soul) you put into it.

One of the areas we most frequently help out with is designing the content for a new website. Unless you’ve upgraded recently, you will likely need higher-resolution images sourced — no problem. Or, how about writing the new text to fill out the new pages you have? Also, no problem! (And, check out below for more on copy-writing.)

Of course, content for a new website is just one example. We tailor our services to meet the varied needs you have from content design to content strategy, and we recognize that your needs will likely change over time. Our goal is to ensure you have content that resonates.


We design platforms and integrated media to showcase your work both digitally and physically.

When you are selling creative services or products, promoting your business via your portfolio is hugely important. Yet, creative professionals often get so focused on producing awesome work, that they neglect to give that work justice in a portfolio of the same level of quality. (We get it — we have been guilty of this, too!).

Whether you need a digital presence, print media, or both, we can help your work shine! Plus, we can ease that other big hurdle: keeping it all current. With custom-designed modular systems and templates, we help ease the burden of keeping your digital and print portfolios or work samples fresh.

In collaboration with you, we’ll create a beautiful, personal, and functional showcase that represents your talents, promotes your brand, and lets you keep concentrating on your next big project.

eBooks & Whitepapers

We help you tell your story and share your research through visually engaging graphic media.

Whether your content is text-heavy, or image-dependent, we will craft a stimulating, visually-cohesive design so your audience can not only understand your message clearly, but enjoy the experience of engaging with your content.

Working within your brand guidelines, we design systems that communicate the hierarchy of your document through careful use of typography and graphics so that you can communicate via a visual language that supports your brand identity and helps you attain your content goals.

Graphics & Illustrations

We design and produce custom diagrams, graphics, and illustrations so you can engage your audience through visual storytelling.

Sketching and graphic work have always been integral to our process, and we love producing beautiful and communicative imagery. Our core team cut their teeth in architecture school, where learning to speak through the pen really makes the difference between getting your ideas heard, or falling flat.

In our digitally-focused world, it’s uncommon to see graphics that appear to have that “hand touch,” so when you do see them, they capture attention. Hybrid media (a combination of hand and digital sketching) is one of our specialties — and we have a lot of fun with it, too.

Our team is well-versed in the technical tools required for the production of both raster and vector-based visual content, and we have been known to have internal debates about pixels. (We geek out so you don’t have to.) Let us know how we can help make your ideas come alive visually.


We craft custom copy that speaks in your brand voice, tailored to resonate with your audience.

How you communicate with your current or future customers, your fellow professionals, and the world at large, is an essential component of your brand identity.

Your brand voice matters, and its tone and style needs to be representative of your company’s personality, and consistent across your platforms and media.

From full blog posts or other longer-form content, to touching up the copy for your website, to providing editorial oversight for content you produce in-house, we have always had a love for words, so don’t hesitate to ask us if you are curious if we can help!

Not to mention, we’ve been accused of paying too much attention to punctuation, and we took it as a compliment.

Intrigued? Awesome!

How about learning about our integrative design process, or checking out our portfolio?

Our Integrative Design Process

Rather than using a “waterfall” process, we use an integrative design process to consider your design challenge in terms of the whole. We iterate through cycles to reach thoughtful solutions, whether digital, physical, or a hybrid of both. Ask us how an integrative approach can help your project!

Our Integrated Portfolio of Work

Check out the glamour shots of our work, explore a little about how these projects came to be, and learn about how their design and development characteristics support their success. If you ever have any questions about a project and whether or not an aspect of it could suit your needs, don’t hesitate to ask.

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