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Whole-Systems Thinking Applied

Interdisciplinary Design Studio

Why does it matter that we offer interdisciplinary design? Quite simply, because your project deserves the thought, care, attention to detail, and clean functionality that comes from a team trained to solve problems holistically.

We design for digital, physical, and hybrid applications. Your project won’t be pieced together by separate teams, but instead designed with an eye on both the “big picture” and the nitty-gritty details, from start to finish.

Integrative Design Services at Emerald Seven
Beautiful and Functional Sites, Brought to You By Integrative Design & Development

Modular Systems

We design end-to-end solutions that help you get your next great idea out there.

We believe that managing your website should be simple. You deserve an approachable, user-friendly system that helps you stay current, adapt to changes, and communicate easily with your customers.

By considering your project and goals holistically, our goal is to help you feel that your website is a tool you can harness, rather than a burden you have to fight to keep updated.

Leveraging modular systems, we not only give you an adaptable product that you can work with on your own, we give you a set of tools to streamline, organize, and manage the process.

Great design is so much more than making something look good — it’s making sure it works. Our carefully crafted systems grow with you, so you can focus on growing your business.

Visual & Graphic Design

We create visual experiences that are intuitive, engaging, meaningful, and they look good.

We get it: there is nothing like some sexy visual design to capture your audience’s attention. And, a key part of pulling it off, is making sure each design move is not only thoughtful, but there for a reason.

We believe in making moves where it counts, not just haphazardly tossing elements around to “make it pretty.” A well-designed experience will guide the viewer from Point A to Point B without it being obvious, and will both delight and inform along the way.

If you are starting from scratch and need someone to help you communicate your idea graphically, we can do that. If you have some content already but need a way to present it — or translate it visually — we can do that, too.

UX & Interaction Design

We design experiences that are accessible, useful, and are a delight to engage.

Just as architects reference the human form to inform an appropriate spatial scale for buildings, we practice human-centered design in another way: leveraging rhythms, proportions, and harmonies drawn from the natural world to ensure our interfaces, applications, and systems feel rooted in reality.

We endeavor to create digital experiences that act as extensions of the physical world, rather than an escape from it. Integrated subtle animations and other visual cues feel natural and obvious, rather than gimmicky or distracting.

From a handheld reference guided by a mobile-first philosophy to a wall-mounted immersive experience, we delight in designing & developing experiences tailored to their context, celebrating the specific opportunities each form factor presents.

Accessibility and usability always underpin our decisions. We seek to minimize decision fatigue by making page navigation clean, simple, and intuitive. Our designs are familiar, yet fresh, as we pair trusted design patterns with unique details. Our focus is to make your experience a pleasure.

Brand & Identity

Simrell+Scott Logo Design – Underlying Geometry
Underlying Geometry

The Simrell+Scott logo is constructed using the golden ratio, and other "sacred geometries."

We design and develop the elements that set the tone for your brand’s perception.

Answering for who you are — and what you represent — can be really challenging. Self-reflection isn’t easy, especially if the “self” in this equation is not an individual, but a company.

Varied opinions matter, and we can help you sort through, and harness, the voices into a cohesive identity. With thoughtful exploration, ideation, and design, we collaborate with you to derive the kernel of who you are, so we can craft your brand to present your message clearly.

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How about learning about our integrative design process, or checking out our portfolio?

Our Integrative Design Process

Rather than using a “waterfall” process, we use an integrative design process to consider your design challenge in terms of the whole. We iterate through cycles to reach thoughtful solutions, whether digital, physical, or a hybrid of both. Ask us how an integrative approach can help your project!

Our Integrated Portfolio of Work

Check out the glamour shots of our work, explore a little about how these projects came to be, and learn about how their design and development characteristics support their success. If you ever have any questions about a project and whether or not an aspect of it could suit your needs, don’t hesitate to ask.

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