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Portent's Plug & Play Content Strategy Campaign – Emerald Seven
Portent's Plug & Play Content Strategy Campaign: eBook & Tone of Voice Generator

Graphic-novel style illustration and design for a campaign about content strategy.

When Portent came to us with a request for an eBook content layout, tied to a need for some unknown visuals to accompany the text, we were super excited. With the book already written, they knew it was not readily “imageable,” but also that it needed to be to capture attention: they asked, “What do you suggest?”

We suggested a graphic novel style character who would populate the eBook through a series of custom illustrations metaphorically representing each chapter’s content. The eBook is styled with sketched accent elements, typographic styling on a modular scale, and features several template layouts to accommodate the varied content types.

As a companion to the eBook, we illustrated custom content for — and developed — an interactive single-page web application: Portent’s Tone of Voice Generator, a tool for people and companies to help them develop targeted content for their sites. Give it a shot; we hope you enjoy it!

Gasp! Sigh, yes, this is a teaser project!

Isn’t that just the worst? We had a ton of fun with this project, and can’t wait to flesh this out with some of the epic sketches, graphic details, and styling that we customized for this campaign.

So, yes, be patient with us, and we will have some sweet new content here for you to explore soon!

For now, enjoy the teaser, and let us know if you have any questions. And hey, you could go download the eBook and see it for yourself while expanding your knowledge about quick and easy content strategy from the team at Portent.

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