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Hey There! Once upon a time, a “Simrell” crossed paths with a “Scott.” Things happened, and we’ve been designing, working & playing together ever since.

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Rachel Simrell Scott

Trained as an architect, but active in both the architectural and digital fields, I spend my waking hours working and playing where design meets technology. My experience designing for the human experience anchors my design sense where it matters: with people, not with ego.

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Principal & Owner

Seattleite since the age of two, Rachel has long-loved the Pacific Northwest. Playing in the creative realm ever since she can remember, she made it official by earning a Master of Architecture in 2011, to pair with her B.A. in Art History from Whitman College. Rachel is an unapologetic night-owl, a foodie who loves to cook as much as she loves to eat, a tech geek, and a wannabe polyglot. According to Blake, she does a spectacular giraffe impression.

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Blake Scott

Learning to effectively leverage multiple disciplines took years of formal education, personal curiosity, and professional experience. Buoyed by interdisciplinary expertise, I guide projects, practicing whole-system thinking and an Integrative Design Process.

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Principal & Owner

Born in L.A., Blake criss-crossed the country until he found somewhere that felt like home: the Pacific Northwest. Along the way, he traveled to 46 states, and earned a B.A. in Computer Science, a Master of Architecture, and an M.B.A. in Sustainable Business Practices. Fellow foodie, Blake loves to reverse-engineer good meals, and is dabbling in the art of crafting artisanal cocktails, for which Rachel is happy to be the guinea pig.

Experience design & development, where digital intersects physical.

Emerald Seven is a boutique, integrative design & development studio based in Seattle. We are an agile team that embraces uncertainty, quickly adapting to new circumstances. We leverage design thinking to solve complex problems while striving to cultivate beneficial outcomes.

Here at Emerald Seven, we’re a highly collaborative crew that learns out in the open. We never take a project at face value. Considering your design challenge in terms of the whole, we strive to create elegant and thoughtful solutions, whether they be digital, physical, or a hybrid of the two.

Where digital intersects physical, we transform space into place.

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