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A Color Adaptive Website for an Artist Version 2.0 – Emerald Seven
A Color Adaptive Website for an Artist Version 2.0: In Responsive Device Mockups

Growing with the artist to take a project to the next level.

When we launched the first version of this project in 2014, it was a conceptual exploration for a color-adaptive portfolio to highlight an artist’s work. With the project live on the web, the artist was thrilled to finally have a digital space for sharing her work.

As a deeply color-adaptive site, it was conceptually thrilling to us, too, and it served at the leaping point and testing ground for a lot of our early color-adaptive exploration. But, as a stand-alone, single-page site, as time went by, it didn’t meet all the needs of the artist, who was eagerly embracing the advantages of sharing her work in the digital sphere.

Enter, version 2.0! With this new iteration, we re-built the site from the ground up, transforming it into a responsive web application, with appropriate information architecture to enhance the experience, and with a content management system (CMS) so that the artist can manage her content on her own.

You got us, this one is only partially complete!

Yep. This portfolio project has yet to be fully finished! We know: sigh. But, of course, stay tuned, and we will fill this out with sexy images, technical details, and some heady design process concepts.

Like what? Well, we’ll talk about how this color-adaptive portfolio site challenges the industry norm for displaying art. (Who says it has to be on a white background? Well, lots of people, but why?) By using algorithms to develop color palettes from the works of art themselves, we hope to give the viewer a new context within to experience the work.

Plus, maybe we’ll talk about the color signature element: a colorful barcode, of sorts, that is representative of the artist’s collective work. There is plenty more to see and hear about, so don’t forget to come and check it out later. In the meantime, go see it out live at!

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