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We Make Place: Emerald Seven Website On The E7 Series 2 Platform
We Make Place: Emerald Seven Website On The E7 Series 2 Platform

Going a little meta...

We are a busy bunch over here at Emerald Seven, and the more we learn, the more we tinker with our own website. It’s the perfect place to test out new ideas and features that we can then offer to our clients. Maybe you remember our previous major update, A Portfolio Platform in Integrated Media, which was a bit of a dinosaur, but we look back on it fondly.

For this version, we reinvented the platform to allow us the flexibility to design and develop freely, while still maintaining some of the feel of our original site and branding.

We launched in the dark, winter months of 2015, and we’ve been iterating ever since. (And, to get a little more meta: as you might notice, you are now reading this on the E7 Series 3 Platform, so we are definitely a little behind on updating this portfolio project; eek!)

Yes, this is still only a teaser portfolio project.

We know, we know — we are so behind in updating this portfolio project that we have already advanced to the next iteration of the product: E7 Series 3 Platform. What can we say? It’s been a whirlwind.

But, there are some really cool features that came about in Series 2 that play an important role in how the platform has evolved, and we are eager to (finally) share them with you.

We hope to add more vignettes here as soon as we can, so check back for that later, and we will start properly telling the story of the E7 Platform’s evolution.

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