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Kalon Surf Website – Responsive Web Design & Development in Mockup – Emerald Seven
Kalon Surf Website in Responsive Mockup

From conceptual ideation, through design, development, and production.

Kalon Surf resort in Costa Rica offers surf coaching, luxury accommodations, and gourmet meals. Experience is everything.

When you sign up for a stay at Kalon, that experience begins when they pick you up at the airport, and only ends when they drop you back off. Everything in between is full Kalon lifestyle. That means a luxury mansion in the jungle; exquisite beaches; chef-prepared, farm-to-table organic meals; private surf coaching; and any other pampering you might need. Sounds pretty great to us!

With their business growing, the team at Kalon was ready for a new website — their old one had a confusing user experience, and was dated both in look & feel and functionality. A new site would need to be fast, communicate easily, be easy to update, and convey their brand identity to potential guests.

We worked with Kalon to update their brand identity starting with the concept and expanding outward, weaving in their existing logo, and conceptually recreating the idea of a journey through the Kalon experience into the design of their website.

W3 Awards in Gold & Silver for Kalon Surf Website – Emerald Seven

W3 Awards: Gold & Silver!

We are super excited to announce that this project is the recipient of two W3 awards: a Gold and a Silver! Cheers!

The W3 Awards is sanctioned and judged by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA) and honors creative excellence on the web. Now in its twelfth year, the W3 Awards received over 5,000 entries this season.

Pop over to our recognition page for more details!

Sea to Shore Concept Diagram – Kalon Surf Website Design & Development – Emerald Seven
Kalon Surf: Sea to Shore Concept

Kalon: “The ideal of physical and moral beauty especially as conceived by the philosophers of classical Greece.”

Sea to shore concept.

A diagrammatic sketch this simple underpins the entire design. (Come back later as we flesh out this project to see what we mean!)

Stay tuned; more to come!

We are working on pulling together more content for this portfolio project, so we hope you’ll come back and visit.

We’ll talk about design: new brand guidelines, imagery-first design, subtle thematic elements, and the use of a double-stranded modular scale.

And, we’ll get into the details of development, too: that it’s a progressive web application, how it handles images, code-based effects, uses a component-based back end, and more.

Hey, we hope you liked our work!

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