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A ShoeBox for Nike Reuse-A-Shoe: Perspective View from Front - Cropped for Featured Image - Design Blog

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A ShoeBox for Nike Reuse-A-Shoe

The successful launch of the ShoeBox Installation on the University of Oregon campus caught the attention of Nike Corporate, who asked us to pull together a proposal for a ShoeBox customized for Nike Reuse-A-Shoe that could potentially boost shoe recycling collection at Nike stores.

A Successful Campaign Sparks Interest from Nike

This Spring, in time for Earth Week, we designed and built the ShoeBox Installation, a flagship shoe recycling bin for A Step in the Right Direction (ASRD), a student initiative benefiting Nike Reuse-A-Shoe and Hope4Hoopers. With the goal of establishing the first campus-based, on-going Nike-Reuse-A-Shoe collection initiative, the students worked tirelessly to promote the drive, and to great success! They have already surpassed their goal of collecting 2,012 shoes for their inaugural 2012 year! Their continued success was lauded by their contacts at Nike Corporate, to the point that Nike wondered if a similar bin might help boost collection at their stores. Our contact asked if we'd be interested, and if we could pull it off in time. The deadline to produce another box before the U.S. Olympic Trials for Track and Field arrived in town was a bit extreme. But, we decided it was worth it to give it a shot.

A Proposal for Nike Reuse-A-Shoe

A ShoeBox for Nike Reuse-A-Shoe: Perspective View from Front
The Hidden Swoosh

When viewed from the side, the orange Nike Swoosh peeks through the lacing of the ShoeBox.

We leaped at the potential opportunity to make a box for Nike, even though it meant pulling together a proposal in a pinch the night before, because well, why wouldn't we? Beginning with the original ShoeBox Installation, which was designed for use on the University of Oregon campus, we adjusted the design to suit its Nike-centric purpose. (If you'd like details on the design of the rest of the box, pop on over here.) The UO ShoeBox featured a large Oregon "O" on its top, with the center cut out where shoes could be tossed in. Fortuitously, the Nike Reuse-A-Shoe logo also features a central ellipse, although, within the ellipse is a Nike Swoosh. With this to work with, we proposed cutting out the oval for the box opening, and dropping the Swoosh onto the interior of the box. The components of the Nike Reuse-A-Shoe logo are strong elements alone: even separated they reveal the brand. When the box is empty, the orange Swoosh peeks through the lacing, and when viewed from above, the full logo is revealed.

A ShoeBox for Nike Reuse-A-Shoe: Plan View From Above Forms the Nike Reuse-A-Shoe Logo
Empty Box Reveals Nike Reuse-A-Shoe Logo

When viewed from above, the Nike Reuse-A-Shoe logo is formed from the paint on the top surface, the hole cut into the box, and the orange Nike Swoosh on grey, which is painted on the inside of the box.

A ShoeBox for Nike Reuse-A-Shoe: Plan View: Nike Reuse-A-Shoe Logo Full of Shoes
Nike Reuse-A-Shoe Logo Filled with Shoes

When the box is full of shoes to be recycled, and viewed from directly above, the Nike Reuse-A-Shoe logo is hinted at, but not fully revealed again until the shoes are recycled and the process repeats.

After a late night of work delegating business and design tasks between us, we turned over the proposal to our contact. She was heading to a meeting at the Nike offices and would present on our behalf. Good luck to her, and here's to hoping something works out!

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